Tour Guide: Living Lenses

LIVING LENSES: Louise Bertelsen and Po Shu Wang, with Guest Artists: Mercedes (Che) Guevara Carrasco, Frieda Kipar, Marina Luvhé Ojan and Alberto Fernandez Rodriguez will be exploring public spaces of Barcelona through unannounced IMPROPERBAVISATION, by playing between probability, improperness, and improvisation. While we do not intent to disrupt the overall social ‘score’ of the existing civic ‘symphony,’ but we do hope that some ‘wild notes’ will be generated within the witnessing public.

Our subject matters are bits and pieces of everyday reality out there in public places, where we act as Living Lenses to draw focus on the conscious and unconscious layers of meaning of a civic space, letting conventional associations mutate toward unforeseen directions. It is an on-going exploration of the world we live in, the world we live by, as well as the world that we dream of. Specific media and contents of our works are in continuous evolution through each and every locality we engage in.

INTERFERENCIA is an artistic group whose aim is the promotion and production of actions and ephemeral artistic interventions in public spaces. We demand these spaces as places of expression and social and artistic thinking.